Our Mission

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"Sip The Change We Want To See In The World"

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the single use plastic crisis, more and more people are saying no to plastic straws and demanding a biodegradable alternative.

With Eco Straws, we believe actions speak louder than words. Our focus is on single use plastics starting with straws and stirrers.

The EcoStraw Difference

To combat the issue, our one stop shop brings to the table new, and more sustainable materials that straws are made from such as Grass, Reed, Hay, Bamboo, and Kraft Paper. All of our straws are zero waste and 100% biodegradable. These sustainable options are safe for our planet, our families, and the daily happenings in between.

Plastic straws are a small piece of a larger problem of single-use plastic such as plastic bags, forks, to-go boxes, and cups. Be on the lookout for more eco-friendly products by EcoStraws in the near future such as utensils and food packaging. Being a conscious consumer is our mantra. We stand for our planet and this is our last straw.

The planet thanks you.

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